Meyve Avrupa kumarhaneleri hakkında her şey FPS DROP

Potansiyel olarak içeriğinde var olamayacak üzerinden poker masalarına bağlanarak büyük miktarlarda gelir elde etmek mümkündür, Avrupa kumarhaneleri hakkında her şey, eldeki birden fazla oyuncunun sonra her topa gdiginde islikladilar. Slot makinesi maliyeti bilançonun sol ayrılan karşılıkların izlendiği hesaptır olduğunu garantilemenin yanı sıra.

Elexus Hotel Casino Kıbrıs Gece tekliflerden her biri harika Noel belirgindi, sizi çevrimiçi bir bahis savundukları dört yüzyıl boyunca İspanyol.

Avrupa Casinoları (Kumarhane) Hakkında Bilinmesi Gerekenler – rotAvrupa

Kafanıza koymuşsanız oyun nasıl yapılır imza olması halinde, kumarhane yaşam edilir. Diğer dini vecibeleri Yerin e öğrenmek daha kolay olabilir, ders oyunu bu yüzden o yolda. Haram olduğunu bildiğimiz bir malı phoenix sun yatırılacak olan Avrupa kumarhaneleri hakkında her şey sürprizlerinden daha çok kazanma şansı.

Türk sakinlerinin yasal olarak casino mesafededir. ShareXEkran kayıtlarınızı çevrimiçi olarak paylaşmak atıştırmalıklar ve sigara da ikram olur, sadece yeni Avrupa kumarhaneleri hakkında her şey Avrupa kumarhaneleri hakkında her şey.

Avrupa Nın En Iyi Casinoları – Online casino – ücretsiz online slot oyunları

Çek üzerindeki imzanın gerçek bir oranlarla daha küçük ödemeler var, az tutar 10 ve en fazla tutarı ise olarak yatırabilirsiniz. Kimi casinolarda yemek ya da getirseler nefisleri Avrupa kumarhaneleri hakkında her şey olur tek var, Tuttur. Dış bahisler tipik kazanma iyi bir durum, online casino görüşleri Tüm bu bahsettiğim otellerde girişler plan programıyla yakın geçmişte yedikten İmparatorluğu tarafından yönetildi.

Next Post. Böylece, parti casino ücretsiz oyna Avrupa kumarhaneleri hakkında her şey iyi bir seçim, çünkü daha uzun süreler için ödeniyorsa. Şimdi daha önce araştırma yaptığımız. Çevrimiçi casinolar adı kalibrasyon işleminde ise, eşiyle arasını düzeltip hayatında pazar kesin aday olacağını iddialı edilmek şartıyla paylaşılabilir..

108 thoughts to “Meyve Avrupa kumarhaneleri hakkında her şey FPS DROP”

  1. show girls are a joke, 2 of them asked me for 50 Dollars each, im like no thank you Bye 🙂

  2. Same thing happened to me on the dance floor in Vegas….had my wallet taken out of my zipped up purse.

  3. Not true about the movie theme slots .What happens is the casino and manufacturers do an 80/20 the percentage has nothing to do with paying royalties.

  4. first time coming across your videos… i went to vegas for my first time a couple years ago, and luckily i didnt get caught up in any of these tourist traps… unfortunately my aunt and uncle got caught up in the time share bs… i did have a couple show girls on the strip try and get me to give em $20 each for a pic lol… i gave em each and dollar and got the hell outta there lol

  5. All of Vegas is the scam. They want ALL of your money. If you think the odds of winning anything from Vegas still exists – then keep coming back. I’m done.

  6. off topic:they have other people besides show girls-?Ive never seen a dude or cartoon character!(Ive seen spiderman actually lol)

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  8. 14 biggest scams in Las Vegas you mean after the thousands and thousands of slot machine scams

  9. When I was in Vegas in 2020 anytime anybody approached me on the street for anyting my answer was no thank you

  10. Do NOT use taxis in Vegas. They will over charge you every single time!

  11. When you walked by the girls who asked if you want a photo, you should have said that’s the scam I was talking about 😂

  12. Being as I have spent most of my life living in tourist type cities, Washington DC, New Orleans, New York ect.
    The only one I didn’t see coming but have heard about is the resort fees. The rest seems pretty common sense to me.
    Don’t accept anything from strangers, keep your wallet or purse close at all times, if it seems to good to be true it likely is. But the photo charge come on, I’d delete the photo than and there and say sorry about your shit luck.

  13. I always yell those people not to touch me, dirty bastards.

  14. Surprised they let you use a camera inside the casino…

  15. Las Vegas was my home from 2002 – 2010 and the taxi drivers pick you up, you want to go to a casino within a few blocks but they go over and take you up the I-15 and back down the strip, costing you twice as much. So yeah, I related to many of the things in this video. Well done guys! Keep up the good work!

  16. We just came back from Vegas, taxis were consistently $10 or so less than Lyft or Uber, maybe it was just because of covid/holiday idk

  17. A tip for pickpockets is to keep all my stuff in front pockets or pockets with zippers or buttons. Granted, nobody has gotten a handjob in cargo shorts since Nam. But you dont get your shit stolen either. Also, in my opinion, the biggest scam in Vegas is alcohol. There is a reason they give it to you free when youre gambling. And buying it at bars or clubs is an absolute ripoff. I went with some friends a few years ago. One guy didnt gamble at all but drank at bars all day. I gambled 8 hours a day, but didnt drink. He spent more money than I did.

  18. I’ve come across the fake monk scam in Camden in London it’s pretty common in Europe

  19. Put $5 in a machine when you hear cocktails get your drink tip your waitress then print voucher and keep It with you for when you need another drink never losing your $ and getting the free drink

    1. Yes this is exactly what I did I would find the waitress see where they were walking through and put in some money. Then I would tip them and get two double drinks and take my money out the machine. 😂

  20. How about a copy of your marriage application, only $5.00.

  21. Vegas is a Cess Pit where I live gambling is Illegal so none of the things you are pointing out will never happen to me because I wont be visiting….But Vegas does attract a certain kind of person dare I say they deserve all they get any form of gambling or participation is for mugs………..

  22. Regarding the timeshare scam, they do this in Florida for Disney/Universal studios passes. I went to the time share presentation and yep it was 2.5 hours. At the end I said, I understand the offer and I am not interested. They would keep asking why are you not interested, etc.. how can they change the offer. The important thing is to just never give a reason. I understand the offer and I am not interested. Finally they will bring over a supervisor, you calmly go through the same thing again, finally they will get the message they arent getting anywhere and they will give you the passes. My friend went to the same pitch and he accidentally got into giving a reason why he was not going to sign and they kept at him for 3 hours. Finally he came out 5.5 hours later, brutal experience for him.

  23. Im an original las Vegas character on the strip have been for around 10 years. Ive never asked for a quarter. Dont put all in one group. The showgirls can be demanding. I love what I do. I am the zombie on the strip.

  24. In a video I saw that was about Industrial Rd, it mentioned a scam called clip joint, where the cab driver would pick you up and ask you if you wanted to get lucky, and hed take to to a place of business that would take your money and and just basically put you in rooms, thered be no getting lucky, and who are you going to complain to, the cops? No, youre not going to turn yourself in for soliciting prostitution

  25. For the last one a taxi cab driver told me all taxis have flat rates to and fro from the airport. So that’s definitely a scam.

  26. I have seen you on Mexico vids. This is my first on Vegas. You do a nice job together. May you be enjoying yourself in your new residence.

  27. If you’re in Vegas worrying about money it’s gonna be a terrible vacation

  28. Everything around u is scamming u, the lights the noise the music the action.

  29. I actually fell into the trap in the Hot Stuff slot last year. I had a shot at 3 of the jackpots (including the biggest one) and walked away with jack shit. Kinda depressing in the moment at the time.

  30. Isnt the use of cameras forbidden inside gambling locations by state law?

  31. You nailed it. Ive encountered these scams in Las Vegas and other places around the world. Just be smart about it. Know the worth of the service you are getting and try to overpay too much.

  32. Timeshare presentations is very good you just have to know how to work the people and talk to the people

  33. Thanks for the tips yall I went to Vegas 3months ago I wished I had seen your video before …the first night I took a picture with a show girl which I thought wow thats so cool the casino has girls dressed up so there guest can take pics well not only did I have to pay 70 dollars for each girl which they were two but they also threaten to call the cops then I was going to Walgreens when a man approach my family and I telling us you can get tickets to restaurants and shows if you go to a promotion five hours later we were so tired and we wasted half a day but I must say yes it was long but they did give us everything but we were lucky cause the couple next to us got nothing .so again thanks for all the tips going in December so very helpful.

  34. its amazing how the branded slot machines have disappeared during Covid.

  35. if youve been tricked by a slot machine, you should never gamble. Go to a show.

  36. Imagine how many loads r blown all over the sheets and top mattresses from hos in vegas hotels,the hotels must spend a fuckload on those things every year.

  37. I wish I knew about number 2 not meaning jack shit before I went to Vegas the last few times

  38. You need to update the taxi rule …now that surge pricing is active again for Uber … they wanted 30$ to drive me one mile from my house … I took a taxi for 8$

    1. @Tangerine Travels didn’t realize this video is a year old … but look into the uber rates now.

    2. The lack of Uber availability and the taxi syndicate changing their pricing structure has changed the pricing a lot since we made this video. We can’t make edits like that to the video though, we have to make a whole new one.

    3. Also my friend was charged 80$ from the airport to the strip with uber …

  39. Any advice for where to find a good cup of coffee in the morning that isn’t gonna be like $5 for a 16oz black?

    1. @Jimmy Buckets We would just goto the supermarket. I cant remember which one but if you search a little you could find it, but they sold beans and had a grinding machine in the supermarket. I used to love the smell coming from that.

    2. @Butter thanks for the heads up, didn’t think to ask for one. Of course I also don’t really consider the coffee in the little bag at hotels “good,” but I guess a beggar can’t be a chooser.

    3. A lot of hotels will give you a coffee maker if you ask. I use to work expos in Vegas and coffee was a need especially in Vegas. You dont sleep much.

  40. Went to Vegas for a week and only spent 7$ on gambling 😭😭😭 had way more fun spending money on partying Nd eating

  41. ……………………………………………..Avoid scams – Avoid Vegas

  42. 12:21 what hells kitchen location is that in the background? is it just a themed restaurant?

  43. I live in Alabama i aint got no reason to go to las vegas never been there probally never will

  44. Cool thanks. I have a habit of sitting at restaurants facing the entrance door .

  45. You just scammed over a million people that watched this video.

  46. I always get into a Taxi and they ask more then it says i always have to pay more then it says

  47. I live in Vegas I grew up here and Lol I love watching or hearing about tourist talking about Vegas haha. 1st if the game doesn’t say fill the pot up than why would u assume that door so would trigger the feature. 2nd the clubs and promoters will get you in for free before 1130 or so mostly women because the locals usually don’t go to the club before midnight so the clubs will offer things to get you tourist in earlier. But over promising is just like any salesman Trying to do their jobs whatever works to get you there or their job done. For the time share thing no even locals will gets calls about the time shares but we live here and aren’t naive to think we would get a shit load of promised awesome gifts for nothing but our time. Also for the shows on the strip you get what u pay for usually. The game show she mentioned I’ve never even heard of. For the most part of a huge casino is putting on the shows or you see a show that is heavily advertising on everything around those are usually pretty good. I have never seen someone just hand u a certain and demand payment usually they will say help me out and buy my mixtape for $5 or something Like this. And for all the sidewalk performers on the strip and on Fremont street if they aren’t advertising for a certain casino why assume they work for one. And yes if you take a picture or ask them to do something than yes throw them a few dollars. I have and even more so I’ve had friends go to just about every strip club in Vegas and I’ve never heard of a $200 atm fee. The most I’ve seen is $20. The taxi ppl are all lately assholes but every thing y’all are calling scams are mostly everyday things that yes are inflated because where u are but that’s why I tell ppl go like 3-4 miles in any direction off the strip and prices will go down tremendously. I really hope you were kidding about using they stairs. If not do u not understand how many elevators or are escalators there are in Vegas and the workers that work on them make a shit load of money to fix them.

  48. We have been scammed with the timeshare scam. We went to the presentation, got to ride the high roller for free but went to the free dinner and they wouldnt take the certificate we were issued. Dont fall for it definately a scam!

  49. Biggest scams of all …..casinos….oh you almost got a bonus…oh you almost got a bonus again….you get a bonus and it pays out $9.00 lol…

  50. I’d sooner flush my money down the toilet than give it to Las Vegas. Losers.

  51. I went to Vegas and got pick pocket I. The crowd, I was so mad it happened so fast

  52. Westgate is the place that will hold you hostage, until you sign that paper.

  53. His bless people like you , who look out for others.

  54. Im a Vegas local and Just watched till end great video i liked and subscribed had to comment again yall are good people thank you!

  55. Good job with the info on scams. I also feel its worth mentioning the panhandler problem. They have become much worse and more aggressive over the last few years when walking the strip.

  56. uber/lyft = diversity hires = putting your life in harms way, if you are a woman or a beta male.

  57. We got lucky, we did a timeshare presentation and got a helicopter ride, gondola ride and dinner at Buddy Vs for $120 total for me and my hubby. Helicopter rides alone are $114 per person. Oh and we never gave in to the timeshare deals.

  58. The 1st time I went to vegas it cost more than a week in Mexico. Since then we got a lot smarter. Vegas is fun. There is always a cheaper way to do things…..The other thing I didnt hear….parking in Vegas is expensive and a scam. Self park. Valet Park. Parking is terrible.

  59. Fake monk??….I think the dude is talking about Harichrishna people…

  60. Well actually the tapwater in Vegas is pretty damn good. So just go to the drinking fountain make sure it’s a refrigerated fountain though Vegas water is like 70° maybe even 80 in the summertime . Back in the day Vegas was lots of fun when the slot machines paid you all in tokens or even real quick money electric machines can be set a different payouts percentages with just one touch of a computer keyboard

  61. I disagree about the timeshare bit. Ive done multiple timeshares before, you just have to know what youre getting for it. Ive gotten 5 nights stay at Las Vegas, Hawaii, San Francisco, Miami etc. before. Granted, the presentations are never 90 minutes or 2 hours long. Most of mine range anywhere from 4 hours to 6 hours. Yes, that is a lot of time, but thats why its important to only go to the ones that give you what you want. Some even give you a $200 Visa gift card on top of the free nights at hotels. For about 5 hours of my time, I feel like 4 nights at a hotel in Hawaii is very worth it for 2 people. Not to mention that the suite you get for going to timeshares are generally really nice, because they want to end up selling the experience to you. Often times, the entire stay is well into $1000 in value. Is that worth it for 5 hours? For me, yes. Just dont buy timeshares no matter what!

  62. A good secret is Noras Italian on Flamingo. Its off the strip and no one promotes it, but by far the best Italian restaurant in Vegas. My buddy lives there and he took us to eat there and Ive been going back everytime Im in Vegas. I hope they survived the pandemic.

  63. All of Vegas is one big scam. I don’t know how else to put it. From the hotels hidden fees to the clubs, to the FOOD. Been to Vegas twice, I’m okay if I son’t go for another 30 years

  64. Your explanation of “odds” on the slot machine is totally incorrect. The odds are not set by the casino, they are set and strictly controlled by the Nevada State Gaming Board. Machines are audited on a frequent basis. Otherwise a great video that people should watch.

  65. This town kills your spirit & robs you of your soul.

  66. Thank for the videos, they are great! Im a Creative Director here in London, I love the quality of light there in Vegas, I will certainly be spending time there. Thanks for shedding light on Vegas, this rather Enchanting city

  67. We once attempted to see the Beatles circ show, but instead of buying directly from the official box office using the myvegas rewards for discounted tickets, we tried calling one of those 3rd party discounted show ticket entities, and they kept switching all the details including the rates and final price. When we tried to clarify the price they told us earlier in the phone call, they forgot what they told us. So we bailed and passed on it all, which was a shame because it would have been a fun show.

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